Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions

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The future is in the Cloud

Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions are subscription-based services that allow customers access to a range of tools, networks and programs that are typically stored in the Cloud and accessed through an internet connection. Making use of cloud computing services can be incredibly beneficial for a business of any size. Access to specialized software, having a reliable backup for your data or a disaster recovery solution, and being able to store big data to conduct research are all vital processes that can make or break your business. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a great tool for resource and information management, as it improves workflows and safeguards your data.

Making the right choice for your business

When choosing which IaaS to implement for your business, it’s of utmost importance to get an expert assessment of your company’s needs and requirements. You also have to take into account what your own IT team, if you have one, is capable of. At Daruich, we work with professional consultants to create the perfect package for your business. Our IaaS and Cloud Solutions experts will not only provide you with customized solutions, they will also handle the implementation process and, depending on the service, take care of the upkeep and maintenance, generate reports and alerts, create routine database backups and stay on top of the latest developments and updates.

Our services include:

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