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Cybersecurity in the digital era

The current technological landscape offers incredible opportunities for growth, but companies are more vulnerable than ever to cyber-attacks and security breaches. With new technology, new risks emerge. That is why enlisting the help of cybersecurity professionals should be a priority for any company that wants to stay ahead of the game.
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Custom-made cybersecurity solutions for your business

For a company with any kind of digital presence, cybersecurity is a must. We have partnered up with cybersecurity experts to create customized strategies that keep our customers’ IT systems protected against any threat. Our services include everything you need to keep your data protected.

SOC as service

A Security Operations Center is a specialized unit of cybersecurity experts who work around the clock to keep your network protected against risks and attacks. With Daruich’s SOC-as-service package, you’ll have a professional SOC team closely monitoring your entire network, continuously scanning it for signs of a potential threat.

An SOC team’s job is to ensure that your company’s assets – sensitive data, intellectual property or vital business information – are properly protected from external or internal breaches or potential attacks. The SOC unit employs tools that work 24/7 to protect your system against breaches and attacks.

As the cybersecurity field is an ever-changing landscape, our SOC team is constantly updating its policies, strategies, and methods according to the latest best practices in the field.

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Security Information and Event Management

An SIEM platform is an incredibly useful asset to any company in need of comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. At their core, SIEM tools aggregate data, generate reports, and detect threats across the entirety of your network. Having a clear outlook of what, exactly, is going on within your system can help you create better strategies to protect your assets, strengthen your defenses, and make your overall cybersecurity efforts more efficient. SIEM platforms can also emit security alerts that will point the SOC team or your incident response specialist towards risks that have been detected within your system. The SIEM tools can be trained to follow a specific ruleset to detect such risks, which makes them incredibly adaptive to new threats and situations.

Managed Detection & Response

Our cybersecurity services are tailored to our customer’s needs. Some companies are able to handle incident response on their own, and some are great at scanning and detecting threats, but need a hand to deal with them. And then there are those who would rather have an experienced cybersecurity specialist handle their entire strategy. That’s where our MDR service comes in.

A Managed Detection and Response service is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that handles everything from data collection and analysis, cyberthreat detection, system response, incident investigation and elimination, and containment of threats. An MDR service is a continuous process that never stops. MDR takes place 24/7, monitoring your network and dealing with threats.

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Penetration testing and mobile services

In cybersecurity, the best defense is a good offense. A Penetration Test is a simulated cyberattack designed to assess the security level of your network or web application. With our PenTest services, we can identify weaknesses and potential threats to your system or app, and implement changes to your system response where needed. When faced with a new project, our methodology is always aligned with the best practices in the industry. We know there’s a lot at stake, and we do our best to keep your data safe and sound.

Our offensive cybersecurity services include:


In addition to our offensive cybersecurity packages, we offer a range of vital cybersecurity services which will ensure the integrity of your system, find and fix any vulnerabilities in your code, test and improve your system response, and research any zero-day vulnerabilities you might be facing.

Our general cybersecurity services:

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