About Us

Daruich is a compliance and IT expert based in Malta. We work at the international level with clients all over the globe. The company took off in 2021 and since then we have established ourselves as a leading specialist in the field.

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Our Experience

While our company may be new to the market, we are not new to the game. Daruich is made up of a tightly-knit network of professionals with plenty of experience in the fields of technical and regulatory compliance, cybersecurity and data privacy. Our namesake founder has a track record of over 14 years working in the gambling and IT sectors. With our combined knowledge of the industry, specialized expertise and technical know-how, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands.

Quality. Efficiency. Speed

We pride ourselves in offering a high quality service with a fast delivery. Our secret? Not only have we built a strong network of partners and affiliates to guarantee excellence in all our services, but we also have developed a close relationship with industry regulators. They have first-hand knowledge of our solid work ethic and professionalism, which has built trust in our firm and the services we deliver. We are therefore able to speed up otherwise lengthier timeframes for our projects through clear and fluid communication with regulators, and our prior knowledge of what they expect. All our internal processes are also streamlined for maximum efficiency.

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Our Team

The Daruich Team comprises highly qualified professionals who are experts at what they do, and want to do it well. The Daruich spirit is one of excellence in all pursuits, always going above and beyond to provide our clients with the best possible service with the speed and efficiency that characterize us. We are proud of each and every member of our team, as they all contribute to the success of our mission.


Our Clients

We have an international client portfolio. Some of our clients operate locally while others do business at both the local and international level.

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