ISO Certifications

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Implementing and Certifying Regulation and International Standards

We are external consultants for the most relevant ISO certifications for the gaming and gambling industry, as well as for several other regulatory standards that your company might be subject to.

ISO certifications guarantee that your business is up to date with the best practices in the industry, which in turn builds trust in your supply chain and strengthens your position within the marketplace – locally and globally.

The ISO 9001 quality management system is a foolproof way to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business while also assessing and preventing any possible risks at the same time. And the ISO 27001 information security information security policy proves to stakeholders and authorities that your company can handle information in a safe and adequate manner.

If you need some help implementing an international standard or regulation, or if you are looking for an external party to carry out the certification process – we’ve got your back. Contact the Daruich team to get started on your compliance strategy.

ISO Certification Consultancy

The Daruich consultancy team is made up of hard-working and experienced professionals who know the intricacies of the IT market inside and out. With an active international customer base, we have acquired first-hand knowledge of a wide range of regulatory compliance and product certification processes.

An expert certification consultant will help your team create a winning strategy and take the lead communicating with the corresponding certification authority, auditor and/or regulator. Having their feedback and insight to guide you through the process will shorten your timeframe and improve the quality and level of detail that you will get from auditors regarding your deliverables.

Our consultancy service consists of a set number of hours. The specific amount is to be arranged with the client depending on their needs, as is a communication channel through which our consultant can support, advise, and even lead the client if needed to successfully manage their current project.

We can help you with several tasks that you will have to face during your certification process, such as:

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ISO 9001 / ISO 27001

There are 7 steps to our ISO27001 and ISO9001 certification processes.

ISO 9001 / ISO 27001

The ISO27001 and the ISO9001 implementation processes consist of several steps. Our consultants will conduct a GAP analysis to clearly determine our client’s actual situation.

Our process is as follows:

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